Bespoke Furniture

 Sometimes you have an idea of how you want a piece of furniture to fit into your home and you just can't find it or perhaps you have a small or difficult space to fill then our bespoke furniture may well be just what you are looking for.   

We have e.g. created a complete home office, with twin desks and a variety of storage spaces.  Made from solid European oak and is truly lovely furniture. 

In another project we designed and built drawers and wardrobes for an attic room with sloping ceilings.  Every inch of space was maximised.  

Ben wanted a bed with drawers and a sliding desk.  We built steps that are storage cubes to hide away his treasures.  We used natural pine and left the bed unfinished whilst the family decide if they going to paint it or if we are to use wax, stain or oil.  A work in progress.

We have also made solid Oak Chests with soft close lids that have been given as wedding gifts or filled with children's toys.  We pay great attention to detail, with every piece made by hand using traditional methods and beautifully finished.

Shades of Japan has a range of bespoke lighting ideas.  Lamps and shades made from wood and covered in shoji paper are versatile and very attractive.

Bespoke furniture though more costly than that commercially manufactured is built to last.  Properly cared for will last for many, many  years.

Whatever your furniture needs please feel free to contact us, we are always happy to listen, and talk through with you your initial thoughts.  We can also give you an idea of costs as well as discussing with you the options for materials.  



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