Bespoke Japanese Shoji Screens

Traditional Japanese Shoji Screens - Manufactured To Your Unique Specification.

Traditionally Japanese houses had open interiors and people sectioned off areas by using fabric, paper and wood. During this period folding screens, roll up bamboo blinds and free standing screens were all called Shoji. Folding screens had many functions and were used for tea ceremonies, as backdrops for concerts and dances and outdoor processions. Today sliding screens from floor to ceiling are found in most homes and are very popular in restaurants and izakayas (taverns, pubs).

Paper RollsShoji paper was hand made from Japanese mulberry trees and called washi. Today handmade washi paper is a rarity and manufacturing has created a more versatile  and stronger paper. This is what is commonly known today as Shoji paper. The Japanese prefer stark white paper which allows the natural light to illuminate the room.

 Shades of Japan is one of the U.K's leading manufacturer of traditional Japanese Shoji, each screen, panel or door is individually designed and made from hardwood    (we do not use any soft woods or veneered timber) this is then then finished using a traditional Japanese Shoji paper imported from a family run company in Japan.  Unlike commercially manufactured Shoji all of our projects are unique, sizes, styles and materials vary according to your need and because each one is handmade we  can achieve the best possible fit.

 Japanese shoji is very versatile, traditionally the paper is used only on one side e.g. in wardrobe doors or to screen off a storage area alternatively we can be make  them double sided with the paper fixed between two frames each with an identical pattern. Used as a room divider this gives the same appearance from both sides. Traditional Shoji has wooden tracks which are durable and low maintenance, though we usually use wood metal tracks can be supplied on request.

Shoji screens can be used in a wide variety of settings from wardrobe doors and windows to room dividers and bathrooms. We know that not all rooms and openings are standard sizes and particularly in older properties they are likely to be uneven. Accurate measuring is key to a achieving a good fit.

Japanese Shoji Bespoke Design Service.

Bespoke Shoji designOur complete service includes a site visit to take accurate measurements and get a feel for the project, detailed drawings for your approval, manufacture and then installation of your finished shoji. If your project is less complex or for the more skilled DIY enthusiast we can of course make the shoji and send it to you via courier for you to install. We can offer as little or as much support as you wish. The only limits to the design are your imagination (along with any construction constraints of course).

Not to be compared with the cheap screens often advertised as shoji. Ours use geuniune Shoji paper, manufactured using traditional materials to your own personalised design. 

To see what's involved in incorporating a Japanese theme into your home please contact us by Email, or phone Glenn Joachim on the bespoke direct line  07779 402172 . We can advise you on any technical issues as well as on the best materials to use and any pitfalls you may encounter. Customer satisfaction is paramount and our initial advice and guidance is completely free of charge.




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